Drabe is an upcoming DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Utrecht, who specializes in classic and soulful house sounds with a modern twist. His passion for music shines through in his live mixes and his live performances as a guitarist and singer. After years of searching for where his passion could best be expressed, he found it with his first encounter with a turntable. Bringing back the “old-school” soulful house sound is something he is focused on. Despite his love for the classic soulful house sound, innovation and exploration always come first. His music tells stories and can transport you to a nostalgic atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Grant Nelson, Richard Earnshaw, DJ Spen, Scott Diaz, Louie Vega, Prunk, Soulsearchers.

A big smile from ear to ear appears as soon as Drabe steps behind the decks, and taking the audience on a journey through his story and his world full of grooves is what he truly stands for. He is incredibly diverse in the atmospheres he creates, ranging from funky house to classic Chicago house to soulful house and disco, it’s all there.